Los – All the Way Gone

You don’t have to be a fan of K-Pop (Korean Pop) to recognize the Korean hip-hop game blowing up in past years. From old school Drunken Tiger to televised rap competition Show Me The Money, South Korea has come a long way towards embracing hip-hop and the rest of the world is just starting to get a better picture.

Here’s a video from Cycadelic Records newcomer Los aka Los Moonwalker “All the way gone”. Hailing from Southern California, Los is a true Angeleno bringing together his LA roots and Korean heritage to create banging bilingual tracks in California, Korea, and beyond.

In journalistic integrity, I want to share that Los is my blood brother and, whether or not we are related, I only post what I consider quality music.

Check out his collab below, aptly called “Bang”, with South Korean rapper G2, K-town hip-hop stronghold Dumbfounded, and soul songstress Bago.

As a 1st generation Korean-American, I’m proud of my community creating engaging and evocative hip-hop that addresses different facets of the music industry, immigrant life, and representation.

I encourage you all to share your thoughts on this and other topics. Thanks for reading!

CL – Hello Bitches

If you’ve been in the dark with the K-Pop resurrection over the last decade, please let me introduce you to CL – singer, rapper and 1/3 of South Korea’s infamous super group 2ne1.

2ne1 is the premier girl group from YG Entertainment, boasting international fame among fellow world-renowned artists Big Bang and Psy. All love, Psy, but thank God for CL bringing us better moves than Gangnam style.

CL had announced her solo US debut in 2014 and introduced this music video in late 2015 under manager Scooter Braun. Welcome to the US market, CL & all hail strong, sexy female voices in hip hop. Also, big-ups to the ladies of ReQuest Dance Crew.