Lucy Camp – The Heart Dies


Lucy Camp, formerly known as Luzid, released her first video off her new EP Whispers last week. “The Heart Dies” hits home because it addresses a journey of self-discovery, sustainability, and female strength in her signature raw and vulnerable approach.

I first caught her dark side of sass on The Cypher Effect with Bleezie, Nonames, Krucial, HideandSeekZoo, and Uptown Swuite. Camp’s unique voice, staccato style, and no-bull lyricism made me instantly like her. Now, three years later, her growth as an artist has created no less than spitfire eloquence.

Reverie – Scheming

Reverie is blowing up! Love how her style is evolving and I agree, her legacy has just begun. Check out her lyrics on transcribed by yours truly.

If you’re in the LA area, she has a Christmas Eve show with Gangrene – that’s The Alchemist and Oh No – at the Regent. You can hook yourself up for Xmas at