Los – All the Way Gone

You don’t have to be a fan of K-Pop (Korean Pop) to recognize the Korean hip-hop game blowing up in past years. From old school Drunken Tiger to televised rap competition Show Me The Money, South Korea has come a long way towards embracing hip-hop and the rest of the world is just starting to get a better picture.

Here’s a video from Cycadelic Records newcomer Los aka Los Moonwalker “All the way gone”. Hailing from Southern California, Los is a true Angeleno bringing together his LA roots and Korean heritage to create banging bilingual tracks in California, Korea, and beyond.

In journalistic integrity, I want to share that Los is my blood brother and, whether or not we are related, I only post what I consider quality music.

Check out his collab below, aptly called “Bang”, with South Korean rapper G2, K-town hip-hop stronghold Dumbfounded, and soul songstress Bago.

As a 1st generation Korean-American, I’m proud of my community creating engaging and evocative hip-hop that addresses different facets of the music industry, immigrant life, and representation.

I encourage you all to share your thoughts on this and other topics. Thanks for reading!

Brother Ali – Own Light (What Hearts Are For)

Brother Ali’s latest album All The Beauty In This Whole Life is God’s latest gift to America. Every time he releases a new project, I swear it can’t get any better – the lyricism, flow, and heavy topics. Yet again I’m in love, sold and delivered on his relevance.

If you’re in Toronto or Detroit, you can catch him on the leg-end of his tour tonight 6/7 and tomorrow 6/8 along with the Sa-Roc aka the Goddess MC, and supporting artists Last Word and Sol-Messiah.  I was blessed to catch their show at the Santa Ana Observatory on May 17th. Sa-Roc came out clearing the space by burning sage before her hard-hitting set.  Brother Ali regaled us with new and old shit while asking us to enjoy the moment with him, not with our phones. It was a much-needed escape into conscious, reflective hip-hop that unites rather than divides.