That Line

Wsup with that line?

Wrecking the pussy does not sound fine.

I need a lover who can maneuver the grind.

Go with the waves, not forget how to drive.

Head first is cool as long as u know

what’s most important. Clitoral. Urgent.

Moving with purpose.

Not what you’re supposed to do,

but moved to work it.

I want long lasting courses

no shortcut divorces.

Quick hits and sharp turns

are best served with a fine grip.

Must be followed by a firm slip

navigating waters without losing ship.

Power to the people

who use power with poise,

endeavors taken without hearing the noise.

Parts of another cradled and served.

Pussy is not a platter for the under deserved.

It’s a piece of poetry for those who take it in.

Lip service, you either sink or you swim.