Music Videos

I’m sick of music videos with naked women in the background and sex is not the topic. Beauty in the underground but background is not profit. Oh there’s beauty in the words yet the message is a misnomer. Props scantily clad, there’s an image to take home to your son and daughter. There’s nothing wrong with a beautiful sight. That’s not to say there’s nothing wrong with the silence it relies on. Panties for profit. Talk about fear. What are you posting? A slur that’s locked itself into the culture. Some vulture again taking bodies for your sculpture. About how you’ve come up against the test, found success and now you’re worth it.

Can you do that second best for your lady whom you’ve stressed to take off the rest of her outfit?

Can you do that second best for your fans who learn what works and what works less?

Women clothed, women’s sex. Women do what I ask for my breath. Into this rhythm the words say something quite different. The visuals are something quite restless, inciting of less than your depth. Stress the message.

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