Cardi B – Bodak Yellow


It’s no surprise the slut-shaming, hoe-hating memes came back to life after Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” blew up the radio waves. It’s also no surprise yours truly didn’t hail Cardi B when I first heard her shit, even though it bumped. The hip hop music I love and hate has created such a damn disconnect that I have finally started to dissect and elevate my perspective.

I first got to know of Cardi B on her Instagram, and I dug her personality – charismatic, raw, funny, and confident. It wasn’t until I realized she was a hip hop artist that the judgment began, subconsciously then like a slap in the face. Another sexualized female rapper? Another song talking shit? It’s not a proud moment when you realize the society has seeped into your veins and you too are a culprit of the pedestal. See, although I don’t always relate to buying expensive shit or calling people bitches, I’ve gained respect for any woman coming up in the hotbed of distorted femininity where women are constantly told to be hot or not, criticized and hated for their success and sexuality. I’ve come to not give a fuck when a female artist is coming up and I don’t agree with each hook or line – just as I’ve learned to forgive one-off misogynistic lyrics in hip hop’s beloved royalty. I support for a bigger purpose. Just like the drama with Blac Chyna and baby buster Kardashian, it’s a historical fact that people hate on women no matter what the story is, no matter how much a person has been done wrong, due to a media’s backhanded portrayals and dick preferences.

From now on, I’ll just hear Queen Latifah singing U-N-I-T-Y and it’s good. On a side note, the media rarely trips on white women who don’t match a certain spectacle of feminist. It’s a different story when it’s a woman of color – note the silence about Lana del Rey and her signature woeful worship of her male lovers. The more exposure diverse women get, the better we’ll all be to rise above money-making tactics and empower one another women to women, women to men, white to black to yellow and purple.